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    Housekeeping Services


    Our Company Housekeeper schedules and controls all cleaning requirements to ensure properties are prepared and cleaned to carefully pre-arranged timetables. Our cleaners are trained and supervised to ensure our owners’ properties are cleaned to pre-determined and consistent standards ensuring satisfaction on arrival for our owners and their guests.

    Housekeeping Services


    We offer different cleaning routines according to property type, size, requirements and circumstances – most importantly when the next occupants are likely to be visiting the property.

    As a guide to costs:

    • To clean a typical 2bed/2bath apartment would cost 59.88€ incl. IVA
    • To clean a typical 3 bed/2bath villa would cost 79.84 € incl. IVA

    Here is a brief description of each of our standard cleaning routines and an explanation of when each type is used.
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    Housekeeping Services - Cloths


    We employ a professional laundry to handle all our owners’ laundry requirements and individual items are charged on a unit basis. All linen is washed & ironed and towels are washed, tumble dried and folded.

    As a guide to costs:

    • The laundry for a typical 2bed/2bath apartment (4 guests/4 single beds) would cost 75€ Incl. IVA.
    • The laundry for a typical 3 bed/2bath villa (6 guests/1 double & 4 single beds) would cost 100€ Incl. IVA.

    For our rental properties, we provide crisp white linen and towels maintaining consistency across all our rental properties.

    Housekeeping Services - Cleaning Mirror


    In addition to the routine & specialist cleaning & laundry services we are also able to arrange extra specialist services such as:



    • Jetwash cleaning of patios & terraces
    • Marble floor polishing – with or without grinding
    • Onsite upholstery & cleaning
    • Oven steam cleaning
    • And any other special requirements by request.
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    For further information and for prices for all our services – please CLICK HERE