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  • Standard Cleaning Routines

    Standard Cleaning Routines




    Full Clean:

    All interior cleaning plus outside windows and terraces. Electricity is turned off at the mains.
    This will be done prior to arrival and only if the next incoming occupancy is known to be within 5 days. Beds will be made up with linen and towels will be put out if the next incoming occupancy is known to be within 5 days, otherwise this will be done on the pre arrival.


    Interior Clean:

    All interior cleaning but not outside windows or terraces. No beds are made up no towels laid out with this clean.
    This will be done at the end of an occupancy provided the next incoming occupancy is likely to be more than 5 days later.



    The electricity and boiler are turned on. Cleaning outside windows and terraces, putting out terrace furniture and a light once over check of the interior (if necessary). Beds will be made up with linen and towels will be put out. This will be done just prior to arrival to ensure everything is just as it should be. This would be the follow- up to the previous Interior Clean if no Full Clean was done due to a gap between occupancy being more than 5 days.


    Closedown Clean:

    Stripping of beds and removal of dirty laundry, emptying fridge of perishables, removal of rubbish, closing curtains, turning off electricity and ensuring security. This would be done by owners’ request when no cleaning is needed and a property is unlikely to be occupied again for a relatively long period.

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    Maid Service:

    Can be arranged at the prior request of the owner and/or owners guests for however many hours and for whatever frequency required.


    Deep Cleans – For Spring and/or Autumn:

    By owners’ request according to specified requirements. This could also involve specialist cleaning services
    for upholstery, soft furnishings, carpets/rugs, marble floor polishing, etc.